2015 Goals & Dreams

Can it be almost 2015, so soon?  It feels like 2005 was only a few years ago...

Once again, it's time for my list of yearly "goals and dreams."  I have decided to start early this year, instead of December 31.  This is for two reasons:
  1. "early" coincides with Advent, which seems appropriate
  2. the holidays are a tough time to be self-disciplined, and I need the challenge now
This past year was - in a word - eventful.  As it turned out, of all my 2014 goals and dreams, the only one that substantively came true was #4, which turned out better than I could have imagined.  I can't take full credit for it; none of it could have happened without Him.

There was more than could be seen at face value.  That is, there were so many other things, seemingly little things, that happened this year, which are miracles I'll remember ever after.  (And all this, despite my own pathetic failings.)

In terms of plans and expectations, I'm taking 2015 as a "gap year" of sorts.  My goals and dreams are pretty simple:

1)  Become more familiar with the Bible

The past few years brought me a lot of spiritual growth, which in turn has provoked me to reevaluate my general mentality.  I'm finding I really want to study the Bible again, and to be truthful, I have never wanted to read it so much as now.  In some ways, it feels new again, though I've read and studied it since childhood.  It still takes effort, but it's a comforting commitment.

2)  Quit Tumblr (not literally)

I have not quit Tumblr, and I have decided not to.  The meaning behind this goal - actually a decision - is quitting my suboptimal habit, which includes but is not limited to Tumblr, and this habit basically consists of killing time, out of laziness/gloom masquerading as fatigue.

Gradually, I'm getting organized and focused again.  Using a nifty program called RSSOwl, I'm able to just quickly check up on the blogs/media I really care about, all in one interface.  (Any RSS reader would accomplish the same, but this one is extra good for several reasons, including the fact it's a desktop program, visually offline.) This system definitely helps me live more intentionally, something Joel wrote about which really hit home.  More than a consumer, I want to be a contributor, like I used to be, and happily it's not too late to change!

3)  Study American history

History - how to revisit it?!  I had to narrow it down somehow.  This is like #1 - returning to something I already know pretty well, but not inside-out, by any means.

4)  Save money

For the rainiest of days...

5)  Contribute to open-source projects

Not sure when/how/if I will have much time for programming at home, but I hope to work on at least one project next year.

6)  Finish The Infinite Now

I'm bringing this dream back, because it was my Nanowrimo book, and I reinvented it in a significantly better rendition of the original plot/characters.  This time, I'm not setting a real deadline...I just want to dedicate time to it on a regular basis and finish it when it comes to a natural conclusion.

That about sums it up. 

2015 is going to be an interesting year for sure.  Hopefully quiet and full of bookish things.  :)